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Community description:This community is for the appreciation of Hugh Laurie and all his creative work.

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hughbunnies is an appreciation community for Hugh Laurie. We post news, articles, his tweets from Twitter, picspams, gifspams, videos, and more. So, if you love Hugh, feel free to join!

 photo sexy hugh.gif

All Hugh, all the time since October 17, 2007!

Here you will find all things Hugh related but we don’t post pictures of his children. Pictures of Hugh with his wife, Jo, are always under a cut.
Photos or videos larger than 500px are placed under a cut.
Any spoilers are always under a cut.
Posts considered Not Safe For Work will be labeled NSFW and placed under a cut. (Make sure your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder.)

We’re a friendly lot but we don’t like bashers or trolls. Bashers and trolls will be banished to the morgue at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital.

If you would like to affiliate with us, contact hughville.
Affiliates: hugh_pics_daily|hughlaurie|house_memories|simply_hugh_jen

Maintainers: hughville and novemba

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